The Gingers Story

The Ginger started off as a starving stray in northern California. She was then sent to this animal shelter, but sadly no one wanted to buy her, and the shelter wanted to put her to sleep. But then luckily, a place called Katey’s Animal Shelter got her, but still no one wanted to buy her. The she was sent to LA and a shelter called Bichons and Buddies got her from another shelter in LA which could not find a home for her. Then my family bought the Ginger (her shelter name was leggens). But there was something wrong with this dog, she would not play and was pain all the time. We took her to the vet, and they said she had an ear infecttion, and gave us some antibiotic drops. But still a week later she was still in pain, and so we took her back to the vet. There they pulled three big fox tails out of her ear! Now she has been a playful and happy dog to this day.

The Ginger’s Appetite

The Ginger is a hungry dog, she loves to eat. She eats everything including chicken poop. She even eats he friend dog Square’s food in the morning. This dog was once a stray in northern California, and had no food, son now she always is looking for food. She is very fat because os this appetite. But she loves to play and walk so she burns some calories. Does your dog love to eat?